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The Healthcare Institute Inc. (THI) was founded by Katrina Robinson in January 2015. THI started as a training consulting company dedicated to healthcare quality improvement through continuing education of healthcare facility workers. In July 2015, THI launched its flagship vocational program for Certified Nursing Assistant. The program garnered the support of the US Department of Health and Human services, securing $1.6M for the funding of its Educate to Empower program – a dual focus program to educate more Certified Nursing Assistants for entry into the geriatric workforce and to provide community education to the geriatric population of Shelby County, TN.

The Healthcare Institute witnessed rapid, exponential growth over the first two years of operation. Their first CNA class was comprised of just 2 students. By the end of the first year of operation, THI had graduated 143 students. This lead to the expansion of program offerings to offer progressive education for their graduates, including phlebotomy and electrocardiographic technician. The community education program, Educate to Empower, improved geriatric outcomes such as re-hospitalization rates, elderly abuse incidents, and comorbidity rates.

The heart of The Healthcare Institute revolves around community. The business model is unique in that it is tailored to provide a solution to workforce development issues through accelerated education and a structured pipeline from application to job placement.

The Healthcare Institute Inc. (THI) started with a simple premise: Prepare healthcare professionals with a strong foundation of excellence in patient care, professional knowledge, and a commitment to service. THI serves to train compassionate individuals to become leaders in front line healthcare. The Healthcare Institute also provides advanced training to licensed and/or certified healthcare workers to improve skill sets and knowledge.





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Reviewed The Healthcare Institute Inc – Certified Nursing Assistant School – 5 star 18 September 2015·Im currently a student here @ the healthcare Institute Inc, I really love this institute… most of all I love the quality time my teacher Ms. Katrina puts in her students. If your looking to bo certified the healthcare Institute is where its @. There’s nothing like having a passion for something in having someone at your side 2 help u accomplish your dreams shout out 2 you Ms. Katrina… most definitely love 2 the family that I grown 2 love over these few weeks… if it wasn’t for us sticking 2geather as family as well as friends I wouldn’t have made this far. Last but not least thanx to my family for all of the love & moral support love you guys!!! Go ahead in take your first step to starting your career @ the healthcare Institute no regrets.

– Anya Harris

Reviewed The Healthcare Institute Inc – Certified Nursing Assistant School – 5 star 18 November 2015·

This by far is the most hands on learning experience I have ever had. The teachers are very real, personable, and fun. You learn a lot and a lot is expected of you but it is what’s need to be successful. The teachers will ensure your success but you have to do your part. I am so happy I found this school. And I would definitely recommend this school to anyone looking for a start in the medical. Another program will be open in February and I will definitely be back.!!!

– Armonkia Thomas

Reviewed The Healthcare Institute Inc – Certified Nursing Assistant School – 5 star 17 November 2015·

The instructor of the facility is AWESOME! She really broke down the courses for us chapter by chapter. I highly recommend this institute for anyone looking to further their career in nursing assistance.

– Carolyn Jones

Reviewed The Healthcare Institute Inc – Certified Nursing Assistant School – 5 star 18 September 2015·

Ommgggg! I’ve had the experience of my LIFE @ The healthcare institute with thorough clear understanding of CNA duties I’m confident & well on my way to an Awesome career. My instructor BIG s/o to you Katrina through this course you remained firm & professional with an Awesome personality but still about buisness.. I’ll never forget you & most certainly will be seeing you for furthering education in this field!!! I recommend errybody with success on the mind as a CNA to head there. Can’t forget Ms. Erica the Ray of sunshine at the front desk & the relationship with my cycle oh my errything was L O V E Heavy black heart.

– Georgia Peach Le’Flore