Practical Nursing (LPN)

Practical Nursing (LPN)


The purpose of Licensed Practical Nursing Education at The Healthcare Institute is to provide a program of instruction that will prepare competent, well-prepared graduates. Graduates will be able to provide superior nursing care, become licensed and engage in civic and community affairs. By producing such graduates, this program serves the purpose of providing the community with an excellent workforce of healthcare workers to answer the aging population’s need for access to quality healthcare.

The Practical Nursing program is a rigorous program. Students are encouraged to devote full attention to the program and are HIGHLY encouraged to NOT work for the course of the program year.


Practical Nursing Course Requirements

• Program Length 12 months ;   Class Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30am-3:00pm

• Program Total Hours : 1320 Hours


Spring: Jan, Feb, Mar, April   |  Summer: May, June, July, August  | Fall : September, October, November, December

Practical Nursing Program Cost 
*Some costs are subject to change
Program Application Fee: $55.00   |    HESI Entrance Exam Fee: $50.00

Item Cost
Tuition $12,630.00
Estimated Other Costs (Books, Supplies, Fees) $2,982.00
Total Cost of Attendance $15,612.00

Please note that though the Practical Nursing Program is licensed and authorized by the Tennessee Board of Nursing and TN Higher Education Commission respectively, the institution is not yet accredited. New programs are only eligible for accreditation candidacy following the completion and graduation of the first class. Henceforth, The Healthcare Institute does not yet participate in Federal Financial Aid programs. For more information on options to pay student tuition, please see Financing My Education.


*EFFECTIVE 7/15/2019 – Current Certification as a Nursing Assistant or Medical Assistant is NOT REQUIRED but is recommended to be competitive in the application process.

Current Basic Life Support (BLS) Certification from Approved American Heart Association (AHA) provider
HESI Score >75% on Reading Comprehension AND Math (Exemption granted for documented ACT Composite Score of 19 or higher)
All required documentation must be submitted by Admission Deadline.


OFFICIAL High School transcript , GED, or equivalency. Must be mailed directly to the admissions office from the institution. Minimum 2.0 required
OFFICIAL transcript from ALL Postsecondary institutions attended. Must be mailed directly to the admissions office from the institutions. Failure to disclose institutions attended will deny the student admission to the program.
HESI Scores HESI must have been taken within the last year. HESI exam must not have been attempted more than twice.
Two Recommendation Letters Must be professional references on letterhead from employer or community leader. Letters from family, friends are not acceptable.
Physical examination form & student health record  Must be completed and documented on THI provided forms by Licensed Healthcare Provider.
Negative Drug Screen  
Criminal Background Check No felonies. No crimes of violence or theft.
Notarized Citizenship Declaration  Provided with application. Must be notarized.
Hepatitis B vaccine series Must submit proof of series administration AND proof of immunity by positive blood titer or waiver. Waiver must be the completed via THI Hepatitis waiver form.
MMR-Measles, Mumps & Rubella Evidence of immunity to rubella, mumps and rubeola. Positive antibody titer for all three diseases OR Proof of 2 immunizations (MMR)
Varicella (chicken pox) Proof of positive antibody titer OR 2 immunizations.
Tdap Evidence of Tdap vaccine within last 10 years.
Tuberculosis screening 2-step negative PPD skin test OR CXR within the past 12 months with an Absence of Tuberculosis Symptoms form completed OR Negative blood test result within the past 12 months